Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dear friend

"Kadang-kadang kita tak sedar, dalam diam kita selalu menyakiti hati orang lain"

Dear Friend,

You are a very good friend to me. Yes, indeed I appreciate every single thing that you did to me. Jazakallah. You know, I could still remember the first moment we get to know each other and it is still vivid in my memory. How happy I am to be a friend of yours. Alhamdulillah. You bring the joy in my life. I just love the way you are; your words. Your words manage to comfort me. That is great, as not everyone succeeds in comforting me. And somehow, you are very meaningful to me; parcel of my life.

But, to be honest here, at times you put me down. I feel that, you only talk to me when you are in trouble or when there is nobody there for you. But then, when I am not needed, you will just ignore me, act like I was never exist! O rab, this is truly needs a lot of patience. But when I need you, you will always have something to do. I know that you are the very busy person in the world, but at least, could you just sacrifice or spend a little of your time and listen to me? Did I ask too much from you? Did I? 

You know, when you said to me, "You're kinda ignoring me". O Rab, that hurts. Do you ever think that  I really wanna so bad to say those words to you? Hmmm, I'm stucked. I fail to understand you at the very moment. Tell me what should I do now?

I'm just a weak slave of His and always do mistakes. I'm sorry, indeed, most sorry.

sincerely; farhahfakhira

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