Tuesday, June 15, 2010

org kate...

dedicated to that Q in the chat box
I do really appreciate it
and this is for you :)(:

sometimes there will be a time
I'm feeling so hopeless
and I cannot see which way to go
I almost give up
yet He still there
standing close to me
and He would never far away
He would always hear my prayer
But sometimes he would never be close to me
as I am getting astray from the right path
I am going further away from Him
yet He still loves me
then He sends me YOU
to remind me about Him
and my weakness...
I thank Him and you for everything.... :)(:

to Q: thankz for the notes. kinda bit sad voices there. am sorry and will change it insha allah. hani? hehe :)(:


ya allah ya rabb
jika Kau ingin mengujiku
biarlah ia semakin mendekatimu
bukan menjauhimu...
hilangkanlah keresahan dan kegusaran ini
cekalkanlah hati ini
dan redhakanlah hati ini dgn setiap ketentuanMu...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I wonder how and what should I do with technology, as a medium for dakwah....


sape x sedih klu kehilangan sahabat baik.............

ya allah
berkatilah perjalanan kami ini
moga dia sntiasa di bwah rahmatmu

Saturday, June 5, 2010

shut up!

To shut other's mouth would be the hardest thing to do in this world, and I believe many of the people would agree with this statement. If the people is saying good thing about us then I would definitely happy with that indeed I would thank that person. BUT, if they are saying BAD things about me and fake stuff or FITNAH, I do completely get mad and I do istighfar to calm myself. At that time, all my confindence will just disappear. I will get a problem to face my own community. I would just keep silence and it would be the saddest moment that I must face it.

Yet, He drew me closer to Him. For what happened in my life, for sure there's must be a reason. And the reason is, He loves me, and He wanna keep me close to Him always by zikrullah always...

We do indeed know how your heart is distressed at what they say

Dan demi sesungguhnya Kami mengetahui, bahawa engkau bersusah hati
dengan sebab apa yang mereka katakan.

Friday, June 4, 2010

miss da moment we had!

It has been a long time, all of us are not taking picture together. Yet finally with His will, this perakaman nasyid did succeed give us a chance to take a picture together. Though all the form 4 students are not in this picture but it is do revive the spirit. The spirit of working together, laughing together and everything together...

Last year was the year that made all of us become one. Become much stronger under ONE vision, 9A in PMR. Even though some us fail to get straight, yet the bond between us would never be apart! and the bond is much stronger than before...

This year, as we are separated into six classes. Indeed, there was a moment where we were crying as we would no longer be in the same class. =.='' silly huh.

yet, we still have that strong bond.! Insha allah we will prove to the school, to the other batches that always say bad thing about us... and some of them ARE BLAMING US FOR PUTTING AN ARANG ON SCHOOL with our pmr. oh yeah? ok fine, then how come we can achieve excellent results if since form1 we are not being put an attention by the teachers?=.=''

we will prove it to everyone!


Issue : Prefects or pengawas

Ada sebahagian pelajar yg begitu anti dgn golongan ini.
Ada juga yang senang dgn kehadiran golongan ini.
dan, ada juga yang sentiasa memberontak trhadap arahan dan teguran oleh golongan ini.

Sometimes I do wonder why these people including myself cannot agree with these kind people called prefects. Its not about envy for not chosen to be a prefect but it is all about our attitude towards each other. I am not blaming for those who commit mistake by breaking the rules either the prefects who are trying to defend the rules that are made to make sure that we have a good attitude towards life.

But, unfortunately, sometimes, it is the prefects mistakes where they fail to calm the people. Indeed they are making them much feeling like to break all the rules. It is not about calming the people, but it is about how they interact with these people. They know that these people have a stone-heart, so why not they figure the best and suitable way to make all these people shut their mouth and here what are you talking about.

I am not putting all the blame on the prefects but I admit that it is these people fault too as they are not following the rules instead breaking it. But, here, pemimpin should know what to do instead of keep talking to us with a high voice that make us feeling like to kill that pemimpin. That pemimpin should know how to attract us not to make us more hate that pemimpin. That pemimpin must know what to do to make sure that the pemerintahan bopeng is not happening. If the pemimpin is not happy with us, then we are not happy too...

5 questions.. :)(:

dedicated to my deskie! :)(:

sabda Rasulullah saw:
bersahabatlah dengan orangyang keadaannya sentiasa membangkitkanmu
dan banyak menyedarkanmu ke jalan ALLAH

what is the funniest thing in your life?

what is the most annoying thing in your life?

what is the most valuable thing in your life?

what is the most thing you love in your life?

what is the thing that help you to get closer to Him, your Rab?

you are crazy!

to my deskie: hopefully, our friendship would last forever! :)(: