Saturday, February 26, 2011

my word

Pengakuan Farhah Fakhira:

Dah nak masuk 5 tahun aku berkampung di Iskandar
dan sepanjang tahun tu la jua a lot of things happened..
somehow, I dont feel like staying in Iskandar -.-'
hustle and bustle kott kt situ..
makin lama makin tak suka stay in Iskandar
best pun, sbb ada sahabat-sahabat
seriously, esok, TAKnak balik sekolah
rasa macam nak blah macam tu je
and so, many people would give me thousands of reasons
to make me stay..
they dont really feel what I feel
and, we are different
what they felt is different with what I feel

yet, no matter what happens, I would stay =='
as in my parent would not ever give me the chance to quit from Iskandar

I need time, to be alone
to think properly, to calm myself
its about my life, my future
but, the school wont let me have that time to be alone
to think and blablablabla
study academics study academics
I become stressed out with that
got nothing to entertain myself with...

Indeed, I dont like to go to Iskandar
it does really stress me out
it tenses me up
I tried to pick up all of my determination
to be tough, to be strong.
but still, I dont like Iskandar

I need some times to calm myself

O rab, embrace me with Your blessings ):

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