Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 scenes of life

Scene 1:
We are besties, arent we?
It almost 4 years we have known each other.
I could remember the first moment we get to know each other.
It is still vivid in my memory.
It happened 4 years ago, but it seems like only happened yesterday.
I miss the old moments I had with you.
We share almost everything.
"You still have me; friends for life"
The tears and joy.
You were my crying shoulder,
and I was your crying shoulder.
Everything was fine until that day.
I hope I could just erase the memory of that day...
And now, I seem to be like nobody in your life.
You did ignore me, didnt you?
"What triggers you so much? Like seriously,
this can be settled. It is not that complicated after all."
I m sorry if I m the one who created this chaos.
For what I felt, you would never know.
I tried to tell you, but you seemed like never care and understand.
Its okay, I used to face this situation. :)

Scene 2:
You came into my life and brought the joy and happiness in my life.
It is only 4 months I guess since the first moment I knew you.
You are a good friend indeed.
You are my bestie too, arent you?
You helped me to pick up all the determination
to never give up the hope.
You make me feel like there is still
someone whom I can believe.
Seriously, you are kinda like a sort of some viruses
that spread happiness where ever you go.
We always have a stomach ache laugh. (:
You are my crying shoulder too.
"If you feel like wanna to cry, I always there for you.
You can cry on my shoulder. Thou I am not there in the reality,
but just imagine I am there; always by your side."
But now, it looks like you are walking away from me.
Where I went wrong..?

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