Friday, June 4, 2010


Issue : Prefects or pengawas

Ada sebahagian pelajar yg begitu anti dgn golongan ini.
Ada juga yang senang dgn kehadiran golongan ini.
dan, ada juga yang sentiasa memberontak trhadap arahan dan teguran oleh golongan ini.

Sometimes I do wonder why these people including myself cannot agree with these kind people called prefects. Its not about envy for not chosen to be a prefect but it is all about our attitude towards each other. I am not blaming for those who commit mistake by breaking the rules either the prefects who are trying to defend the rules that are made to make sure that we have a good attitude towards life.

But, unfortunately, sometimes, it is the prefects mistakes where they fail to calm the people. Indeed they are making them much feeling like to break all the rules. It is not about calming the people, but it is about how they interact with these people. They know that these people have a stone-heart, so why not they figure the best and suitable way to make all these people shut their mouth and here what are you talking about.

I am not putting all the blame on the prefects but I admit that it is these people fault too as they are not following the rules instead breaking it. But, here, pemimpin should know what to do instead of keep talking to us with a high voice that make us feeling like to kill that pemimpin. That pemimpin should know how to attract us not to make us more hate that pemimpin. That pemimpin must know what to do to make sure that the pemerintahan bopeng is not happening. If the pemimpin is not happy with us, then we are not happy too...

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