Friday, June 4, 2010

miss da moment we had!

It has been a long time, all of us are not taking picture together. Yet finally with His will, this perakaman nasyid did succeed give us a chance to take a picture together. Though all the form 4 students are not in this picture but it is do revive the spirit. The spirit of working together, laughing together and everything together...

Last year was the year that made all of us become one. Become much stronger under ONE vision, 9A in PMR. Even though some us fail to get straight, yet the bond between us would never be apart! and the bond is much stronger than before...

This year, as we are separated into six classes. Indeed, there was a moment where we were crying as we would no longer be in the same class. =.='' silly huh.

yet, we still have that strong bond.! Insha allah we will prove to the school, to the other batches that always say bad thing about us... and some of them ARE BLAMING US FOR PUTTING AN ARANG ON SCHOOL with our pmr. oh yeah? ok fine, then how come we can achieve excellent results if since form1 we are not being put an attention by the teachers?=.=''

we will prove it to everyone!

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