Saturday, June 5, 2010

shut up!

To shut other's mouth would be the hardest thing to do in this world, and I believe many of the people would agree with this statement. If the people is saying good thing about us then I would definitely happy with that indeed I would thank that person. BUT, if they are saying BAD things about me and fake stuff or FITNAH, I do completely get mad and I do istighfar to calm myself. At that time, all my confindence will just disappear. I will get a problem to face my own community. I would just keep silence and it would be the saddest moment that I must face it.

Yet, He drew me closer to Him. For what happened in my life, for sure there's must be a reason. And the reason is, He loves me, and He wanna keep me close to Him always by zikrullah always...

We do indeed know how your heart is distressed at what they say

Dan demi sesungguhnya Kami mengetahui, bahawa engkau bersusah hati
dengan sebab apa yang mereka katakan.

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