Friday, December 31, 2010


dearie teacher Safiah,
thanks for this short inspirational and motivational quotes
thou you are not here with me, in iskandar
yet you're still my mentor and confidate (:
the best ever!
I miss the moment you babbled on and on
I guess, it is the only way to show us or me that
you care about us :D *aceceh, sweet tak? haha
somehow, I really miss those days with YOU (:

A lot of resolutions to start the year
lots of adjustments to be made,
lots of preparation to be done,
lots of happiness and tears to be shared,
lots of unexpected things to face,
lots of love to be showered, 
lots and lots and lots 
Whatever comes our way.....

May ALLAH be there with us

sincerely; farhahfakhira

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